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We operate in the area of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) which is an umbrella concept for a set of management and analytic processes supported by technology. CPM enables businesses to define strategic goals and then manage and measure organisation’s performance against these goals.

See below how we help you to better manage your corporate’s financial and operational performance.

Latest updates

Å komme i gang med løsningen for FishAI: Bærekraftig kommersiell Fiskekonkurranse

27.9.2022 News

Vi har bestemt oss for å delta i FishAI: En konkurranse for bærekraftig kommersielt fiske. Konkurransen er i regi av NORA (Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research… Read More

Intito ekspanderer i Nord-Europa

15.9.2022 News

Intito er et ledende nordisk resultatstyrings- og analyseselskap som ekspanderer i Nord-Europa. Som en del av selskapets ekspansjonsstrategi har Intito etablert en virksomhet i Norge. Kristian Lahtinen er den nye… Read More

Intito Participates in the FishAI: Sustainable Commercial Fishing Competition

16.6.2022 News

We have decided to participate in FishAI: Sustainable Commercial Fishing Competition. It’s organized by NORA (Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium) and many other collaborators, and… Read More

In addition to technical expertise, Intito understands business. Their experts know how to resolve challenges in a quick and agile way.

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