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Å komme i gang med løsningen for FishAI: Bærekraftig kommersiell Fiskekonkurranse


Vi har bestemt oss for å delta i FishAI: En konkurranse for bærekraftig kommersielt fiske. Konkurransen er i regi av NORA (Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research… Read More

Intito ekspanderer i Nord-Europa


Intito er et ledende nordisk resultatstyrings- og analyseselskap som ekspanderer i Nord-Europa. Som en del av selskapets ekspansjonsstrategi har Intito etablert en virksomhet i Norge. Kristian Lahtinen er den nye… Read More

Intito Participates in the FishAI: Sustainable Commercial Fishing Competition


We have decided to participate in FishAI: Sustainable Commercial Fishing Competition. It’s organized by NORA (Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium) and many other collaborators, and… Read More

Integrated Business Planning Offers a Competitive Edge


What should business planning look like today? Forerunners have already been integrating their business planning for some time now. In doing so, they have been… Read More

EU Commission Decision Will Have Major Implications for Around 49,000 companies in the European Union – Here’s How to Keep Your Business up to Date


The European Commission has proposed a new standard for corporate sustainability reporting, effective as of the 2023 financial year. In EU, this change is expected… Read More

IBM Planning Analytics and Decision Optimization Demo – Race Against the AI


We have created a challenge named Race Against the AI. The goal of the challenge is to create an optimal shopping plan for purchasing Christmas… Read More